Monday, August 20, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My High Chair.

Well it had to come one of these days and this past weekend it happened...mommy and daddy finally got me a high chair. I feel like such a big boy in it. I love to BANG BANG on the tray (and who wouldn't) it makes the coolest sound. I got a special toy too. My daddy bought me a toy that makes all kinds of fun sounds. So while I am sitting in my high chair waiting for my food I play with my new toy. It is so much fun!!! This Sunday I will be 7 months old and I get to start eating meat....WOW!!! that will be fun. (no more cereal at dinner)

I've been very busy at Kamp Kowalski too so I will send along some pictures of that and fill you in on all the fun I had during that time.

I gotta go play now.

Love you----with lots of drool and blowing "rasberries" too!!!!
AJ the way did I tell you that I am "talking" so much more favorite word is MAMA!!!

It's Official!!!

Hello everyone-
It has been sometime since I last wrote, but my days get so busy sometime with playing with my toys, eating, reading books and going for walks and such that I forget to send you all a message. Today thougth I wanted to share with you all some great POOL FENCE has been ordered!!! I am very excited about it. It should be here in about 2 weeks and then installed.

Can we all say YIPEEEE!!!!

Just wanted to share with everyone. I have more exciting things to tell you about. Look for some new posts very soon.

Love you all-