Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time Goes Fast!

WOW! I can't believ that I haven't update my blog in over a month. I am sorry. Boy oh boy has much happened with me. Let's see, I sit in a high chair, I sit up by myself, my crib had to be lowered cuz I could reach the top and pull up some, I talk up a storm in babble, I have a very safe (and good looking) pool fence, I have a huge play gym that Mommy and Daddy got from a friend (can't wait til I am old enough to use it) I love to go the the stores with Mom and Dad, I am getting close to crawling but not yet and I eat big boy baby food. WHEW!!!!! Is that enought for now.

I know Mommy has lots of cute pictures and videos to uploade of me and she will over the course of the week. The cooler weather is nice cuz I go outside in the morning with Mommy and roll around in my baby walker (from my Great Aunt Carol), it is alot of fun to scoot all around the patio in the cool air. Pretty soon I will have to get a big boy car seat. I am almost to big for my baby one.

Well I am off to play and roll around and make noises and such. Visit me anytime. I love to play.

Kisses all over your face-

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